Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kittifying Project 2 Starts Now

As promised since last week... and a thank you for putting up with my big 4 week teaser  ;)

Literally, this past weekend and Monday, I have been walking on air. Let me say that I looked like a fool who can't stop grinning all day. My brother gives me irritating looks because he knows the reason behind my happy smile. My co-workers just grin back at me and ask me why I am so cheerful. I responded by going into detail on my lovely big sweet Sanrio purchase that took me four weeks to pay off. If you are already guessing-- yes, it's a 2008 Japan Exclusive Momoberry plushie as you can't help look down at the picture below. The big one is H-U-G-E!!!

I still can't believe they're all mine! Mine! Mine!!!

^  I wouldn't have been able to pull this big Japan purchase off if it wasn't for my brother. He is the best brother in the world! The reason is because he let me spend a lot of $$$ to get these exclusive Momoberry plushies. We live on a tight budget, but to let me spend so much on this fabulous rare opportunity-- well, who wouldn't want an understanding enabler? A best supporting family member, who enables my addiction to let me do what I want. Shh! Don't tell him that I'm saying he's an enabler or else he might have to put his foot down on my Hello Kitty big spending habits.

I'm still working on the details, but I'm hoping to add another two smaller sizes to this plush set. Crazy, right? I'm already crazy getting a double copy of the Large size (above pic is XL & L), but that's kind of an accident, a whole different story that I won't get into unless you ask me, of course.  ;)

The XL plush was so huge that my International Shopping Agent had to ship it twice to me because the first time around, Japan rejected the parcel due to it exceeding the size to enter the U.S. I believe the ISA was trying to ship it in a box, which if you can imagine comes to be a pretty BIG and heavy box. In the end, it came wrapped with brown wrapping paper with the two other plushes wrapped around the XL's legs. This is my second big parcel from Japan... the mailman must really wonder about me because what do you think when he saw that humongous sized tall package that he had to deliver to my apartment complex?

One of my co-workers asked me where in the world would I put that huge Momoberry doll and my answer? Well, let me put it this way, I am working on rearranging and redecorating my part of my bedroom-- you'll just have to stay tune when my "Kittifying Project 2" comes about.

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