Thursday, April 1, 2010

Beware of Plastic

I was browsing the net one day and I came across an online interviewed article about a eraser collector, who had kept her erasers in a "tackle box-style plastic sewing case" and her erasers eventually had melted her plastic case. Most likely that happened when they were not kept in cool temperature level. Though, I lost the article link somewhere, but now that I think about it, I am going to rethink about keeping my erasers in a plastic bin. On the safe side, I'll be on the hunt for metal containers to keep my erasers in, just in case I ever decide to get a storage again. 

While I'm on the subject of conserving your sanrio collection- here's a good question for sanrio collectors: How do you preserve your pencil collections? It's really easy to preserve erasers, plushes, and stickers by protecting them with either bubble wrap, cellophane, or some air proof protection. But, what do you keep your pencils and still have them remain clean like new? Like many collectors, I put mine in ziplock bags. Though, instead of putting them all in one ziplock bag, I separate them just in case the lead residue spreads and makes the pencil design dirty. I'm pretty paranoid about getting my vintage pencils dirty, so I've taken it to one step further and bubble wrap a pencil individually. I've only bubble wrapped some of my vintage pencils, not all because I like to take them out of the small clear bin and look at my pencil collection over and over. Looking over my pencil collection always amazes me that I actually own so many pencils and it took me a long time to build this pen/pencil collection.

Picture of the Month : APRIL

This month will surely have lovely hidden surprises for you!  :)

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