Monday, September 27, 2010

Sanrio Addiction Levels

List of Sanrio Addiction Levels

Which level are you?

Level 1 - Wanderer
Sanrio products have been on your mind, but you haven't bought your first official Sanrio purchase. You're just a shopper looking into a Sanrio store, but never quite gone in to browse.

Level 2 - Fan
Plain and simple, you are still a newbie. Occasionally, you have bought a few sanrio items throughout the years, but you are not familiar with any Sanrio character other than Hello Kitty. You think Hello Kitty/Sanrio comes from China. Therefore, you don't know the history of Hello Kitty and you are just an occasional fan. Note: Definition of fan means exactly that - someone who likes a brand or subject. It doesn't make them less of a fan if their actions or opinions differ from another fan.

Level 3 - Gypsy
Next step is your awareness to something magical. You're browsing more on the internet on that particular character and stumbled across a Sanrio community. Your time spent interacting with these Sanrio fans has kept you intrigued. You've just found the sparkle in what will lead to an obsession. You finally have a collection going and started your own sanrio photo album online to share with your friends. The only catch is that you aren't willing to sacrifice some of your daily life habits to hunt for HK or be influenced by your growing interest. Collecting hasn't consumed your life.

Level 4 - Eccentric
Life as you know it has been changed forever. You spend all your free time thinking about your love for Sanrio characters and their products. Your wishlist is never ending. At this stage, you are spending more than you should. You've been known to go over your monthly budget a few times, but your Sanrio enabler has you on a leash. It means you are under control... for now.

Level 5 - Addict
You're finally in the Hello Kitty Zone. No Sanrio enemy can step into your world and slap some sense into you. Your loved ones have given up and instead of giving you lectures, they buy you Sanrio merchandise. Thank you, enablers!  You've managed to get what you want, no matter the obstacles. Aren't you just a spoiled addict? Be careful of the jealous Eccentrics. Envy can make a person irrational in their behavior. Even though you are more dangerous to everyone else, Eccentrics are still your BFFs. They understand your pain and joy, all at the same time. That's why the flip side of hate is love. So beware, addicts.

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