Thursday, May 8, 2014

What's Your Ideal Jewelry Case?

I resisted at first...
When I saw this jewelry case for the first time on Sanrio Japan's website, I just knew that I would love to store my Sanrio jewelry inside. Since this jewelry box came with a clear glass view display on the top, I knew I would not be keeping just any kind of jewelry inside. The entire jewelry case would only hold my special Sanrio valuables.

I went through all the Pro's and Con's of whether or not I should purchase this product. I asked myself continuously days after if I needed this item in my life. Do I really need one? Ultimately, my need for something with a glass display on top of the case was too tempting for me to resist. I kept picturing this case on top of my dresser vanity in my Sanrio themed bedroom, displaying all my bling-bling fashion rings. 

With this image in my head for the next few weeks, I am definitely my own worst enabler because internally, I was convincing myself to get it. I kept telling myself that you never know when Sanrio will ever make another jewelry case box with a glass top to display a collection of rings. Also, it was the perfect size jewelry case for someone like me. It would take me a couple of years to fill all the empty ring slots. Another thing is that I like the fact that the case is not too small.

While I was trying to think of more brainwashing reasons to buy the case, my better self -- crazy Paranoia side named Nancy (oh, did I forget to mention Nancy to y'all? ;p ) chimed in to tell me the reasons as to why I shouldn't buy the jewelry case. First, the LTS design looks like they pasted a clear sticker on the case and called it a day. If the LTS design was indented or etched more into the glass to give it a more sculpted feel, then there would be no hesitation in buying the product. Lastly, paranoia Nancy pointed out that the knob handles are just too plain looking. Instead, the designers could have added Kiki and Lala's die cut faces as knobs. Lala as the top drawer knob and Kiki for below.

It Arrived...
Even with the doubts of making the right purchase choice, I still bought it. I had an option to choose from three character designs (HK, My Melody, LTS) and Little Twin Stars was the most appealing design for me. First thing I did when I took the case out of it's box was to smell the inside of the drawers. It smelled of a new product. Divine.
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