Saturday, May 31, 2014

Yay or Nay?

Do you spend your money wisely or frivolously?

If we had unlimited amount of money, we'd buy everything on sight. As shopaholics, you know we're dangerous to ourselves and to society.  Add our obsession, Sanrio, into the mix and it spells disaster. This is why our enablers keep us on a leash. 
Well, at least, mine does...

Here are three products that I'd like to focus on, whether or not it's worth your buck:

Pic Provided by IG

Biore is a company that specializes in skincare products, so that wins my confidence! A rare Sanrio product that comes in liquid form that I wouldn't mind purchasing. Although, it's a cute collaboration, I have a feeling that paranoia Nancy will have something to say that will prevent me from spending my hard earned money. She'll probably mention the glaring fact that I'm just buying it for the My Melody sticker that's pasted on the Biore brand. 
I can hear her now...

paranoia Nancy: you bad, girl! (with a thick Asian accent)
Me: But, Nancy--- 
paranoia Nancy: Waste money! Go buy doll instead!

 With a HK costume? Perfect accessory! 
Stand alone product?

Not everyone is going to associate a bow to the feline cat, especially outside of Asia. When I buy something, I'd like to show off that I am a Hello Kitty lover. I'd like people to know that I'm representing my favorite Sanrio character.

This was sold on Sanrio Japan's website awhile ago

When I buy Kitchen appliances, I expect my Sanrio products to be different from the norm. Pasting a sticker seems like a waste of creativity in terms of character branding design. The designers were probably going for simplicity to attract the adult fans, but what made their kawaii products stand apart from regular standard appliances, was their quirky designs. Most people don't want what everyone else has-- they want to have something that makes their home stand apart from the average suburban home.

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