Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Gifts

All month I have been listening to Christmas songs on my local radio station 103.5 as a recent tradition that I have taken for the last few years. By listening to these holiday songs, it has put me in a holly jolly festive mood.  

As Christmas draws closer, I have been getting all the special X-mas gifts that I wanted...

Christmas Plushes

Nao Porcelain Figurines

This Christmas, I wanted something that wasn't any ordinary type of gift. I was searching for something special and these gifts above filled all my requirements. 

If you were giving a plush or doll for Christmas...
The doll has to be of a large type size and cannot be small like 10 inches. Large type of gifts usually gives an impression that someone has spent a lot of money on you. It says a lot about how valuable you are to the person giving you the gift.

Another thing about the plush is that it is Christmas themed. It's a special seasonal gift that you won't be able to find during the year. Unless you are a Collector yourself or a relative of a Collector, then the average consumer wouldn't know what was selling these past several holidays.

Lastly, *THE* Gift...
It is true what they say about the more expensive the gift, the more special it is to the individual collector. Sure, it's not the same for everyone. Although, not everyone is a collector. As a collector, my collection is all about the materialistic things. 

My porcelain figurines did cost me a pretty penny, but it's all worth it in my world. Yes, the money spent on all my collection won't keep me warm at night or fill my tummy-- but all that I have, I am proud of something that gives me passion in life. 

I have something to care about other than my family and life. My collection tells a story about me. I can choose a special toy or figurine and be able to tell you why it's so special to me or how it has come into my collection. Stories after stories to tell because this is my life and my very special world that I get to share here on my blog.

This jolly season, I'd like to give thanks to all my readers who have followed my journey in the magical world of Sanrio. Thank you for visiting and sharing my love for all things kawaii.



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