Sunday, July 26, 2015

Starlight in Hello Kitty World

Do you ever think what it is like to travel to another world?  A world that doesn't exist in your reality, but in your imagination.

I'd like to believe that we can have two worlds: reality vs. virtual world.

I have found my virtual world in Hello Kitty World -- well, for the time being until something better comes along...

As I continue playing Hello Kitty World game on my iPhone, I've thought a lot about my progress over the last 2.5+ years.  In this game, you had to have extreme patience because the series decorations are released every few months. It was worse waiting for more land space because that seemed like it was released every 6-12 months. 

In the beginning, I just collected decorations without decorating and ultimately at the end, my patience has paid off. While I don't have everything blueprinted, I have made a lot of progress to be able to show off my Starlight world.

My beachside isn't fully ready to be shown off, but a part of it is blueprinted

Left side of Hello Kitty Kingdom. The top left is still unfinished

Right side of Hello Kitty Kingdom

When I was decorating, I didn't have everything all at once. It was bits and pieces that eventually, everything came into place. When one part doesn't seem right or fit with the scene that I was trying to create, then I would start over until I was satisfied with the outcome. 

Before I introduce my virtual world to you--

Close your eyes and immerse yourself into your imagination. Reach deep inside yourself and open that door to my world. Now follow my words as I tell you my story...

Hello Kitty Kingdom in Starlight is my favorite park so far. It has the mysterious adventure aspect of Alice in Wonderland and the beauty of apples theme running throughout the park. 

At the entrance to Hello Kitty Kingdom, it is protected by a garden portal. Without a magical token, you won't be able to enter Hello Kitty Kingdom. You would just enter the portal and exit to the other side and would see only an ordinary park. 

Now, if you followed the rules and have a magical token in your possession, then you would have exited the portal to step into an enchanted land. As you step forward in astonishment, you will look down to see that your ordinary street clothes have changed. You have changed into a Hello Kitty themed Alice in Wonderland outfit with matching shoes.

Shoes that seem to glow as you step on a card deck. If you wander astray, your shoes will stop glowing, indicating that you are going the wrong way and off your course. It doesn't help that the backdrop of this wonderful world is filled with fascinating things. Things like a huge pocketwatch that ticks loudly as you pass by, flowers made out of candy, trees that whistle a tune when a breeze flitters by and overgrown giant size mushrooms that seem so unreal.

Did you touch it? Look, your shoes stopped glowing. Was it worth it? Yeah, I did it, too, when I first came to Starlight. Yup, that giant mushroom is real.  

After following the card of deck road, you will be stopped by a gate check. Double security in Hello Kitty Kingdom. Past the gate, there will be a Hello Kitty booth that will give you a map to the kingdom. Time to choose your path...

To the right-- is a rest stop with a Alice In Wonderland restaurant with a matching theme garden. To the left, you will be invited to Hello Kitty's home and be a guest to a Hello Kitty theme wedding. The bride and groom? The favorite couple, of course! Dear Daniel and Hello Kitty.

And, when you get to the castle, time just stops in wonder. Literally, time stops. Inside the castle is filled with everything vintage classic of Hello Kitty. Treasures that fill every room. In the center of the castle is a big showroom fit for a Queen. A throne sits in the middle of the room that is only reserved for the royal kitty.

Once you have finished roaming the castle and step outside, time returns to normal. Surrounding the castle are beautiful landscapes of garden. Protecting the beautiful garden is a magical Hello Kitty fairy who only comes alive when danger is present.

After you reach the end of the tour, you would think that was it, but that's not all. Hello Kitty Kingdom doesn't just end here...

Psst... the adventure continues beyond the magical Hello Kitty water fountain. The path will lead you to another part of Starlight that promises more wonderful sights. But, that story is for another time because time is money. I have to go back to reality and earn money to buy more Hello Kitty stuff for my collection. Until then... meow

To join the game, more info can be found here and here.

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