Wednesday, October 14, 2015


It feels like it has been a long time coming with these few months flying by so fast. You would think that it was just recently that we celebrated the holidays and now, we're upon that time again.

Surprisingly this year, I have found myself feeling the holiday spirit even more so than the past couple of years. I want to celebrate and spread the joy. Whenever I hear festive music, my feet starts tapping away to the beat. It's infectious, isn't it? 

Wait and see...
I'll get you into the spirit for this holiday season.

Trick or Meow
You know Halloween is coming when you see many stores decorating for the event. I'm very happy that Sanrio has decided to join in on the fun by releasing Halloween themed plushes. 

My work desk kittified for Halloween

It would be even more amazing if Sanrio had gone all out for this holiday season with more Sanrio characters decor. I'm not talking about just plushes. When you decorate for a holiday, the average consumers do not depend on plushes. The options to decorate for the holidays are a wide range of different decor available to us. The exception with Sanrio is that they don't think big. Why depend on plushes to decorate? Is it a budget thing?

When I was decorating my desk, I knew these two little plushes was not enough, so I bought and added small black spiders. Now, I wish these little spiders had a Hello Kitty face in the front, along with other Sanrio buddie spider version friends. Little things like these would have made a big statement that "yeah, I'm a lover for Sanrio-- but, aren't these spiders the cutest-scary things that you've ever seen?"

Another thing that would have been different is a Halloween HK pumpkin like the one on my desk. There must be others out there with the mindset of "think outside the box" kind of deal. I just see too much dependence on plushes to decorate a specific theme. Whether it being a holiday or a "Not Married Anymore" theme party, there should be other type of decor that is fun and wild to buy from Sanrio. 

Hopefully, one day Sanrio fans can decorate with more options available. I'd love to see how creative they can get without the dependence on plushes for decor.

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