Thursday, October 3, 2019

2016 Best Sanrio Merchandise

Here is a look back on the merchandise that Sanrio has released in 2016. The list highlights the best merchandise for that particular year. 



These collectibles are very special gifts that can bring joy to a Collector. For in 2016, Sanrio released a more high end glass wall clock. It was tastefully elegant in a cute way. 





The most unique kind of gift was presented during the holiday season -- a Christmas dancing kitty plush. It danced around and around in circles, in tune to an upbeat holiday tune. 


If you wanted something larger from Sanrio, your best bet would be these two items: A luggage and a bean bag. If you are very much into kawaii fashion trends, then Sanrio's line of luggages will suit your needs. What a purrfect way to travel, right?





It's things like these that make me appreciate Sanrio so much more. Not only are they cute, but they're very useful in our everyday lives. When I buy things, I'm always very picky because I don't like to spend my money away and later, regret it. These are the designs that I have been waiting patiently for years.



These banks are a fan favorite among Collectors. The coin pouch purses turned into a ceramic coin bank is another creative homage to the original first Hello Kitty item, the coin purse (pouch).

Desktop Items

Some retro and classic characters - mix them together and what do you get? Some really cute decor. 


Cr: Sanrio Arcadia

These LED lights are something useful to add a different element to your shrine display. It gives off a feeling that you have something more in your collection than just one type item of Sanrio. You now have an LED light that you can't get everyday from the boutique store. It's one of a kind merchandise. 

You've reached the end of the 2016 list. These items are chosen carefully to showcase the best of the best from Sanrio Japan. Hope your collection grows as you continue on your journey of collecting!

Happy Hunting!

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