Friday, October 18, 2019

Hello Kitty Birthday Nails: PRINCESS KITTY

When you plan a very special birthday weekend, then you must have your nails done by a professional technician. I did just that in preparation to celebrate my upcoming birthday.

For this year's Birthday theme, I was going for a Princess nail design. Here is what I call: Princess Kitty nails.

Last year, I kept my nail design very simple. This year, I pushed the details a little further. It worked out nicely.

I still wanted some elegance to my Birthday nail design, so I chose a necklace style and stones as a feminine fashion statement. I'm a girly girl, who loves being a woman and wants to flaunt her very girly nails to the world.

As you can see above, Marie Nails did an excellent job with my nails. Mixing Hello Kitty and very classy upscale nail art is what I live for these days. I'm always wanting to see if I can push the details a little further without going too overboard in design.

This year, I decided to add a crown on Hello Kitty and to make it a bit more special. My nail artist, Sayaka, brilliantly came up with the idea to add crystal stones below the crown. It was the perfect touch on something fancy.

To complete the design, I had the technician add a sparkly bow to the second Kitty art nail. It was a move that completed my fashion statement fix that I wanted to incorporate in my nail design. Lastly, I love that on one hand, there's a red bow Hello Kitty and on the opposite, it's a pink bow kitty.


This nail creation is one of my favorite Hello Kitty nail art. Unfortunately, next year I'll be focusing on another Halloween theme nails, instead of a Birthday theme.

I hope that I have inspired you to get very cute Sanrio theme nail art. Until then, have fun with all the kawaii art out there.

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