Friday, October 18, 2019

Hello Kitty Cafe: LAS VEGAS

With the new Cafe debuting at a new location, I decided months ago to book a flight out there to Las Vegas for my birthday.

I wouldn't have made any plans to visit this shipping container, unless there is something special that they have exclusive to this location. Without real Sanrio art food, it was just another shipping container with a Hello Kitty art wall for selfies.

I think they knew it, too, because they stepped up their game for this new location. 

Next to NYNY casino and Beerhaus

LOCATION: MGM's The Park Vegas
CITY: Las Vegas, NV
TYPE: Metal shipping container
Specialties: Sanrio art desserts
Debut: July 12, 2019
Duration: 2019 TBA

The shipping container is as neon pink as shown in the many pictures taken and posted on Instagram. And, just as many female visitors (during the weekends), dragging along family members and their male partners. Not a lot of fan boys out here. 

When the Las Vegas Cafe teased fans with real authentic art food, I literally screamed in excitement. I was like -- FINALLY!!

I know this marketing strategy is their last resort because the other shipping containers, kiosks, and mini cafes did not do so well in long term status. The evidence are in the closing of their other temporary locations.

I don't know why it took them this long to bring out real honest to god art food. Surely, it was no brainer that the Sanrio fans were waiting for it. I still say stingy and stubborn because they wanted to stay on the "casual art" campaign.

When your desserts and drinks are nothing to rave about, then they bring out the real gems because they want to stay in business. Remember, they don't care about the fans. They only care about the money. It's a fact.

If they truly thought about the fans, they would have brought out the real art food since the very start of this whole Cafe business.

I visited, took video & picture selfies, and ordered all my favorite Sanrio character art food creations. Well, desserts to be frank. I came to splurge like a Sanrio Collector would do so on special occasions. 

Before I started to taste everything, I have to mention that I have crossed off something major on my Bucket List of things to accomplish. I have accomplished in finding my FIRST ever Keroppi art food and documenting it!

The Keroppi macaron and donut were both so cute and brag worthy! I was literally on cloud nine in my fascination with having these Sanrio desserts right in front of me to enjoy.

If you have a sweet tooth, then you would enjoy everything that I bought. As for me, I do enjoy sweets, but only to a certain degree. After the first bite of the Keroppi donut, I had to give it away to my brother. It was just too sweet for me. It had an inside green cream filling that was a bit of an overkill on my tastebuds.

The sugar cookie was yummy and surprisingly, not stale at all. Unfortunately, the macarons are just average in taste. There was no crisp to them. It's a good sweet dessert to have and brag.

And, I saved the best for last...

The strawberry pastry is the best overall in the selections provided. At the first bite, it was pure heaven. It was very crunchy and the sweet flavors were all there to jump out at you. I felt a little bad at destroying it, but I had fun documenting my first two bites into it. 

My first ever Hello Kitty pastry down for the count on my Sanrio Bucket list.

Just a bit of a warning though, it gets a bit too much of the strawberry jelly at the end. You'll need lots of napkins to remove the excess jelly in order to finish it. This was one of the items that I did not share with my brother.  >.<

As I ended my trip with a smile, I won't be officially giving this shipping container a review star rating because it's not an official brick-and-mortar location. If this location gets a "permanent" residency, then I'll be back to do an official review. Hopefully, it'll come with a bar and tea service as well. 

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