Thursday, March 25, 2021

ARCHIVE: Hello Kitty Cafe Art Food

Ever since Hello Kitty Cafe first debuted as a traveling truck, fans have been watching what kind of desserts would be on the menu.

Below are more of a in-depth look into USA's Hello Kitty Cafe menu, seasonal or not.

UPDATED 3/2021

In front of the Cafe, you can get a Hello Kitty pocket pie, which looks like a cookie.  Something that I did when I first visited Hello Kitty Grand Cafe in Irvine. Along with the pocket pie, the Hello Kitty cookie in the chef outfit was another brag worthy art food to share on social media accounts. The order wouldn't be complete without a hot drink with a Hello Kitty art foam on top.

In the Bow Room and only during the tea service, one person gets a small Hello Kitty square mini cake in either red or blue jumpsuit. 

Next above are the little Hello Kitty painted cookies placed on desserts that doesn't take any real hard work to do. It's something that I don't identify as real art food because there are no creative effort in creating any masterpieces.

These mini cakes above can only be bought from the traveling trucks. It's a manipulative gimmick to go to their trucks if you want these "exclusive" cakes. The Cafe has to show that they can attract crowds of fans.

The small cakes with the bow red ribbon and the chocolate cake with removable bow can be found only in Hello Kitty Grand Cafe.

The next pieces are items from the Hello Kitty Cafe in Las Vegas. The offerings in Las Vegas are a step up than from Hello Kitty Grand Cafe in Irvine. The macarons, Keroppi donut, and Hello Kitty pastry are what you call the more quality art food that you would proudly show off on Instagram.

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