Friday, March 19, 2021

2019 Best Sanrio Merchandise

Here is a look back on the merchandise that Sanrio has released in 2019. The list highlights the best merchandise for that particular year. 



Get Floaty tube

Pochacco Birthday plush

Steiff HK plush

Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary plush set

Japan: small HK figurine

These items above are all part of my collection that I wouldn't trade for anything. The only thing that I don't have are all of the 45th Anniversary plush sets.

Impressions Vanity mirror stands

Flamingo candles

All items stood out for this year. It was another good year for this Collector. In particular, I would never imagined being able to own a Hello Kitty shaped candle in my life. Can't wait to use it in my home. And, to have a more mature and better quality mirror stand was no brainer for my collection.

World Market Cost Plus X-mas wrapping paper

What better way to end the year with Sanrio Christmas gift wrap? It's not often that I can find any good designed wrapping paper that I like very much. Score for this lucky girl.

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