Monday, March 22, 2021

Best Sanrio Shoe Collaborations

Sanrio has come a long way, throughout these last few years. Some have been memorable and some moments have been forgotten through time. While such lovely experiences can be forgotten, items made specifically for Sanrio will never be forgotten. 

Below are a list of shoe collaborations that have been impressive and stood out in the last decade. Were you a fan or Collector when each collaboration came out back then?


1.   Jeffrey Campbell

These were the pair of high platforms for fashion geeks. I would have owned a pair of my own if I wasn't scared of tripping on my feet and getting a fracture.


2.   YRU x Little Twin Stars

The only Sanrio character that was styled to a ballet platform where it's definitely one of a kind of shoes.



3.   Converse

These high tops shoes are placed high on the list because it came out with so many Hello Kitty shoe designs to choose from, ranging from very cute to something simple.


4.   Dr. Martens

These boots stood out like no other brand have in years... maybe because it had Sanrio characters on them. Yeah, yeah -- it's the fan in me talking here. But, it's still amazing to be a Collector in this Sanrio era. My shoes are unique!



5.   T.U.K.

These creepers are something that would make one sit up and notice from afar.



6.   VANS

These shoes are another cute collaboration with Hello Kitty. An earlier collaboration that seems to know of only Hello Kitty.

7.   ASICS

If you need speed, then these running shoes will be a perfect fit. The design comes in either blue or pink with matching exercise outfits. Such cute ensemble!

8.   PUMA

The only shoes with a real Hello Kitty design, rather than just a Hello Kitty letters or something with just a bow.

The list ends here, but I'm looking forward to adding more Sanrio shoes to my collection. It's such a great era for this Collector.

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