Friday, March 19, 2021

Dr Martens x Sanrio 1461 Oxford Shoes Review

This is the third collaboration with overseas brand, Dr. Martens. For this review, I will only go in detail with one pair of style for adults.


Dr. Martens x Sanrio
2021 Edition - 1461 Oxford 26841001

Despite having previous shoe collaborations with Sanrio, I have finally found one pair that I like so much. These Oxford leather shoes are for adults with these kind of neon print.



These pair of shoes were priced at $130 USD and were the cheapest out of the Air Wair collection with Sanrio. There were two other design styles that was offered, but they didn't catch my interest like these neon print. This particular print did not appear to have the sticker effect like these styles below.

With these prints, it looks like they pasted stickers on these leather boots. It is a very lazy design and not that creative. Some designer didn't think very hard to come up with a better design for these boots. It was a similar sticker design on the previous shoe collaboration. That pair was a Mimmy and Hello Kitty boots.

For the kids option, these pair of boots were made below with the same neon print.

Kids size only


My Sanrio Rating:  

Creativity of Incorporating the Character: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Overall Design: 3.5
Color Scheme: 5
Adult Coolness Factor: 4.5
Quality: 4

The only negative thing that I can say about this style is that there was one instance where one My Melody print had partially come off. It may be a one time thing or a rare occurrence. Thankfully, it wasn't my pair of shoes.

This neon print comes with two shoelace choices: shiny red or a pair of black shoelaces. Either way, the shoes are eye catching, especially with the shiny red shoelaces. In the future, I would like to try on white shoelaces, but with a velvet or shiny material.

Look, Sanrio fans, I have kickin' unique shoes! How about you?

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