Wednesday, March 31, 2010

1981 My Melody Plexiglass Display

It's always a favorite moment coming home to realize that there is a big package waiting for you to open... because that is what happened to me today. My 1981 My Melody sanrio plexiglass display came today and I'm loving it already. I'm already making plans to have it hanged on one of my bedroom walls, but first I have to choose a perfect spot.

Definitely nice addition to kittifying my room

If you haven't visited Sanrio Luxe's facebook Photo Albums yet, here is one really cute Hello Kitty Shirt:

Wish I was skinny to pull this off - it looks good!
Mighty Fine T-shirt: Vintage
Sku#: Small 42116
Medium 42117
Large 42124

Another cute one!
Mighty Fine Tank Top: Golden
Sku#: Small 42126
Medium 42127
Large 42128

If you want one, you better call in ASAP before it's gone

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