Friday, October 5, 2018

Former Sanrio Collector Spotlight

I would like to introduce the 3rd Collector on this special feature... 
a former Sanrio Collector

Spotlight: Roxyrocks4life
Country: USA

1.  When did you start to collect Sanrio?
I started collecting in 1990, but it was during a time that I started buying to use (like pens, pencils, etc)

2.  Did you collect any other Sanrio characters other than your fave? If yes, which ones?
Hello Kitty was my #1 favorite. I collected almost every character like Just For Fun Bear, Keroppi, Spottie Dottie, My Melody, Little Twin Stars, and Jimmy & Patty.

3.  Did you have an ultimate Fave item that you had cherished and still remember to this day? Do you still currently have it?
A 1976 pencil box that my mom gave to me as a kid. I took it to school and put my pencils in it. It was priceless to me, which I still have.

4.  Did you collect any specific types of Sanrio? Or just everything?

I collected everything. At one time, I had a 1976 toy chest, a rare 1976 bike, phone, and many other random cool items. I just wanted to own everything Sanrio made. Is that even possible?

5.  Can you share any highlights/experiences or memory as a Collector that you went through? Something that made you happy or sad when it came to collecting? 

I remember that I started buying just to own it. An example would be to collect certain themes like the balloon design series, the bear with HK designs, pink colors, red colors, and vintage special items. Then later on, I started to be more picky by buying only mint condition stuff. 

Another thing I remembered are meeting a lot of interesting people from all around the world online: Greece, Australia, Italy, Canada, and all over USA. I learned that we all shared a love for Hello Kitty and Sanrio. I'm happy to see HK grow more popular with more love.

6.  At the time you were collecting, did you join any Sanrio Collector groups? Can you share any experiences that stand out, whether it be good or bad?
I never joined any of the Sanrio groups out there. Back then, social media was not as used much or if at all. I didn't know of other Collectors until I started to sell my collection.

7.  Can you share any experiences that someone insulted or insinuated something negative over your obsession personally to you? 

I have never had a negative experience. I had most of my things stored in closets and I was focused in loving Hello Kitty. I didn't care what others thought about it. I would spend all my paycheck on vintage Hello Kitty, which made me happy.

8.  During your time as a Collector, do you depend on your social media to display your collection? Do you think that helped maintain your interest?

The only social media that I used was on Photobucket. I used it as to record my collection because it would all go in a rubbermaid storage bin. It was a personal page to keep track of the many items that I had collected. I never shared my Photobucket because I didn't know of other Collectors back then. As I sold some items on eBay, I started to see that there was a lot of Sanrio collectors, who adored Hello Kitty and friends.

9.  As a former Sanrio Collector, do you associate hoarders with Collectors? Do you think there is any connection between the two?

No, I don't see hoarding as a collector. Personally for me, I would buy one pencil and it helped the urge of just owning it. Hoarding is more like owning all pencils-- just to have them. Like buying everything. I don't think it's the same when you're collecting and enjoying it. Even stored in bins, the fact is that you can open them up and play with them. Enjoying them. That's the difference.

10.  How many years did you spend collecting Sanrio? Were you collecting full time or were you a casual collector?

When I was young, I could never afford Sanrio. I got a few pieces along the way. I started collecting as an adult once I had money. I collected from 19 years old to 29 years old, full time. But in my 30's till now, selling what I have. Just not collecting. It was more of enjoyment to sell, than to collect.

11.  Would you share your experiences as how it lead up to not collecting as much Sanrio or giving it all up? 

My love for Hello Kitty will always be there, but I know that I cannot own it all. It costs a lot of money to obsess over Hello Kitty and the dream of displaying it. I had to pay my bills and collecting made me unhappy. My biggest fears like dealing with floods, theft, and anything to lose my collection, took precedent over for collecting. I got real and started selling. By doing so, I met a lot of cool people who were collectors like me. I am happy to not be collecting. Hello Kitty craze is more so than years ago. And, it's more expensive now.

12.  Do you have any regrets in spending so much money on Sanrio?

I have no regrets. I still have mad love for Hello Kitty and Sanrio. Most of the stuff that I bought were vintage and not the newer merch

13.  Have you taken up collecting of any new thing after Sanrio? If so, are you still currently collecting?

Not collecting anything at this moment.

14.  Do you still keep tabs on Sanrio news? Are you following any of their social media platforms?

No, I don't keep track of Sanrio. When I stopped collecting, the Sanrio obsession was just starting to get more popular

15.  Can you give any advice to new collectors starting out?
Before collecting, focus on what type that you would like to collect: handbags, stationery, figurines, etc. Decide if you prefer used vintage and if you are okay with flaws like chips or any signs of damage. Or if you prefer, mint condition. My mistake was throwing all the label packagings that came with the stuff.

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