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Junolyn's Top 10 Hello Kitty Figurines

Figurines have always been a favorite type to collect, especially when it comes to Sanrio. With so many variety of figurines out there, I wanted to highlight the best of the best. There is something magical to see how much creativity is put into each figurine. As Collectors, we're lucky to witness this amazing era.

Below is a list of different types of figurine concepts that has been released to the general public. These are a must-have collectibles to add to your collection. 

Junolyn's TOP 10 Figurines for Hello Kitty

1.   Kittypatra


Like the vintage classic Hello Kitty coin purse pouch, Tokidoki's Kittypatra figurine has become one of the most iconic collectibles in Hello Kitty history. It is the Holy Grail to any Collector's treasures. As a center piece to your Shrine, it will be a showstopper. Your visitors will be mesmerized with astonishment. 

Thank you for sharing this incredible masterpiece with the fandom, Tokidoki and Sanrio.

2.   Robot Kitty SRI Labs

This figurine is definitely one of a kind and very unique. As a gaming device, it sets it apart from the rest of the figurines out there in the world. With the RFID chip embedded inside the device, you are able to partake in the Interactive Gaming Departments. You can earn "points" or "coins" to be able to redeem them for accessories like shown above. 

You can dress your Robot in either black, white, or rose gold wings. There are silver or rose gold shoes for your robot, as well as helmets. There are a lot of fun combinations to play with your Robot, which makes it into the #2 spot on this list.

3.   Swarovski

Who wouldn't love Swarovski? As a high end decorative object, it stands out with crystals. Not just the usual porcelain or ceramic that we usually expect from figurines. This particular figurine has to be one of the most precious collectibles to be coveted. Just transporting it to anywhere would be worrisome to any Collector. It has to be handled with reverence like a crown is to a royal descendant. 

4.   Nao by Lladro

Cr: Macys

Coming into our next spot on our list are figurines crafted from porcelain. These figurines remind me of Precious Moments because they are designed in a way of celebrating a moment in time. Made in Spain, they have become a favorite to collect in the Hello Kitty community. I haven't collected it all, but I can see how each figurine would be treasured forever. 

Love it with care. 

5.   HK Go Around 

Please take a moment to appreciate the beauty here...

I have always thought that I have seen it all, heard it all, and appreciated it all. I was wrong. When these figurines came out, I was shocked. I thought Sanrio and their team of designers couldn't top the last adored collaboration release. I'm glad to be proven wrong. It's surreal to add these amazing treasures to my collection. I really, really, really, REALLY love this Hello Kitty era.

6.   Japan Figurine 2012

It's one of the most fragile Hello Kitty collectible to own. The dress is so very delicate that it can chip off easily if you don't take extreme caution. What can I say about this porcelain figurine? It is just simply beautiful. To me, there is no other word to better describe this figurine. Beautiful.  

7.   HK x Mazinger Z Chogokin

From the manga collaboration through Bandai's Chogokin series, this special figurine is another showstopper. Constructed with metal alloy, the design is an eye pleaser. With the tiny Hello Kitty figure hidden inside, it makes other figurines look tame in comparison. There are times that I want something different and this one meets it.

8.   2014 Japan Figurine

It's the golden strawberry that did it for me.

I have a thing for beautiful gold tone decorative objects. It's not something that I usually get in my Sanrio figurines. I'm fascinated with the color and how it plays beautiful with the darker blue color. I'm so used to seeing a red Hello Kitty. White with blue and a hint of gold tone equals perfection for my aesthetic needs. 

9.   Exclusive JANM by Precious Moments

Hand-painted of porcelain bisque, this unique signature figurine is modeled after a kokeshi doll likeness. It has a limited edition of 1200 pieces made. With the big red bow paired with short black hair, this figurine distinguishes itself from the rest of the pack. A keeper.

10.   HK Orchid Garden Cafe

Cr: Web

One of the first Hello Kitty figurine that was created to promote Singapore's Hello Kitty cafe. Is it the very first HK figurine from a cafe restaurant? Normally, I do not like too many bows  or clutter on top of Hello Kitty's head. The design for this figurine kept it at two, one bow being the larger size of the two. The bow being front and center-- carrying beautiful flowers are a kawaii factor on making it to this list. 

I've reached the end of my list of favorite figurines. I am looking forward to adding even more figurines to my Sanrio collection. Isn't it wonderful?

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