Monday, October 29, 2018

The Chronicles of Momoberry: Entry 2

Disclaimer: Momoberry's Diaries is Junolyn's version of a Sanrio world that I built in my mind. My imagination takes me to places that I wish could exist in real life. I hope you enjoy my version of Sanrio World, where all you have to do is believe.

Entry 2: Holding Hands

What I remembered on that day was the bright flash from the photographer's camera. It was blinding that I couldn't quite see for a moment. It was that flash of light that started it all. It changed my whole life. My dreams of being famous began with signing on to be one of Sanrio's starlets in Hollywood. 

Sanrio owned me for life. 

At the time, I believed everything would be okay. I believed Sanrio could get me global recognition with older audiences. I didn't believe it would all happen at once because starting new takes time and hard work to appeal to new territories. 

Alas, Sanrio gave up on me too quickly. 
I won't ever forget these words: "We don't need you."
It echoed in my mind for weeks afterwards. Those words shattered my heart into pieces that I'm not sure will ever recover from. 

I remembered the first time that I gazed into Sanrio's eyes and was promised that Sanrio would never leave my side. The very first moment that Sanrio held my hands in warm friendship, then to be later, broken was the ultimate defeat. They did not believe I coud further charm others to open their wallets.

Sanrio promised forever, yet they put me on their "backburner."

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