Saturday, November 3, 2018

Sanrio Boutique Transformation in Japanese Village

The only Sanrio boutique in Los Angeles--- in the heart of Little Tokyo downtown area.

I remembered when it had just been a regular store filled with cute things. Now, it has been transformed into something amazing. 

At first, it started off with a few clothing racks at the back, but then-- they started adding more of a kittified display that catches your eye instantly. 

That big HK round display is so very cute!

Cr: Sanrio

These few changes would start the transformation process into what it now looks like....

The boutique has become one of Little Tokyo's trendsetting hipster spots in Los Angeles. By adding more clothing racks, mannequins, a large wall of art, and even a showroom to display new released collaborations--- they have transformed into a wonderland of fairytales, if you can imagine. 

Something so extraordinary, this place is where to be. 

This is the only store that I have encountered that sells more Sanrio clothing options than ever before seen in the past. Not only do they sell regular tees, they sell fashionable wear tops that have you tempted to buy, even if it's not your favorite Sanrio character.

The store in essence has become ultra cool. It's something that even guys can enter without feeling too awkward and embarrassed to be seen inside.

For that reason, it's all thanks to Sanrio's newer characters, Gudetama and Aggretsuko. While I'll never be a fan of these two (an egg and an aggressive red Panda), I can see how that they would spark a following and become so popular with a new set of audiences. I'm more into cuter characters and Sanrio's newer characters are just the opposite. 

If you have been following the boutique on IG, then you would have seen it transformed into an Aggretsuko store. They promoted the new character with a bang. It was top to bottom filled with Aggretsuko clothes on the tall mannequins, photo-op displays in the showroom, and a huge wall section just dedicated to Aggretsuko. It was truly a sight to see.

Sanrio has achieved something that they haven't done in a while. Bring in new fans. With this new change, this location has become a hotspot to put on your bucket's list of places to visit. 

Also, the location is a big factor that helps the boutique's popularity. Japanese Village Plaza has been known to have Japanese festivals and events, which brings in crowds of people. It's also the place to visit when they held an autograph signing for a Tokidoki artist, who had done a collaboration with Hello Kitty. 

With recent collaborations, the boutique has transformed into a showroom to showcase the selected items, whether it be clothes or home decor. With these new changes, the boutique has turned into something iconic. The level of standards for regular boutiques has just been raised to the next level.

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