Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Sanrio Tour: South Korea

If you have been in the Hello Kitty community for long, then these two locations should be familiar to you. I do not think Sanrio has an official store in South Korea. More of a Hello Kitty Cafes with their special themed souvenirs. Listed below are locations that are more than a regular character cafe. The other Hello Kitty Cafes in South Korea are excluded from this list.


Hello Kitty Island in Jeju
Address340 Hanchang-ro, Andeok-myeon, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea
TYPE: Museum and Cafe

Specialties: Photo-ops

A small building and mainly, intended for children. It definitely is only worthy to brag on social media that you've crossed this destination off your bucket list to visit. Other than it being picture worthy, it wouldn't keep adults entertained for too long. It's been reported that they do not have much specialty items for Collectors. I've seen one or two small Hello Kitty plushes, but for me as a Collector-- that's not much enticement to add to my bucket list. I rather go somewhere worth my money and time spent overall.

This location has a museum, an area for the kids, and a cafe on level 2. On level 3 holds a short eight minute cartoon in a theater area.

The feedback on this place was that it was a waste of money, unless you have plenty of time to kill and if you have kids.

Phone: 064-792-6114

Cr: Trazy

Hello Kitty Island in N. Seoul Tower
TYPE: Museum and Cafe

Specialties: Photo-Ops

A few collection are presented and it was reported that the souvenirs shop doesn't sell a lot of items.

The feedback on this place was that it was a waste of money if you're searching for collectible items. Not worth it. For photo-ops and bragging, then this is the ideal place to visit.


Cr: Twitter

Cr: Twitter

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