Friday, November 30, 2018

The Chronicles of Momoberry: Entry 3

Disclaimer: Momoberry's Diaries is Junolyn's version of a Sanrio world that I built in my mind. My imagination takes me to places that I wish could exist in real life. I hope you enjoy my version of Sanrio World, where all you have to do is believe.

Entry 3: Secret Room

As you have guessed it from all the rumors out there...

I am kept in a secret room like a caged animal. I was shocked that Sanrio would do this to me. To anyone. It seems like I'm not the only one caged away. I hear whispers all the time and the wailing at night keeps me up. The rooms aren't bad, but Sanrio has given orders to keep us, prisoners, isolated from each other. 

Do I sound bitter? I must be bitter because if you have ever been locked away, you would feel such resentment and hatred toward your jailers. There's this one particular neighbor that I hear singing during the day. Let me tell you that it was not a pleasant experience. 

The singing was so bad and off-key that I felt like banging my head to the wall. At least he was singing about happy days, instead of mournful songs. He was constantly singing happy tunes. On rare occasions did his songs turn sad, followed by wails of "Let me oooouttt!" 

My jailers here ignore my multiple requests for ear plugs because they don't deem it as a necessity for me. What they mean is that they won't spend a dime on me. It's how cheap they have become. Due to this, I have pleaded with Pippo to stop singing. All the pleadings have not deterred him. He continues to sing... off-key. 

Torture at it's best. 

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