Sunday, April 21, 2019

Hello Kitty Gift Snacks Box

From this month's haul that was shipped from Japan was this very cute Hello Kitty gift box of adorable snacks. As a Collector, I just had to share my first ever Hello Kitty pudding AND bread food.

Even with the Hello Kitty Cafe just being an hour away from Los Angeles, there is a limited source of kittified food. Some of their pastries and desserts do not have that quality art food design that we see daily on Instagram.

So for the Collectors searching for the best of the best, we find alternatives. For the first time, Sanrio Japan online has sold a gift box shaped with Hello Kitty sweets. Sure, not every item has a Hello Kitty art design, but it's more quality art than I have ever seen provided. 

So very cute!!

When I first lifted the cover top, I was in awe because it was a surreal experience. I was very excited to try everything. I loved all the cute packaging, but I knew most of it will end up in the trash and the wrapped chocolates will be gifted to other Collectors. It's what we do when we find cute kittified food -- we share!

Logan tried the dark bread snack and I tried the lighter version. It had a bare hint of a sweet taste to the snack, but I don't think it was a cake at all. It was nice and great for documenting on most of my social media accounts.

The whole cost of the gift box was so worth every penny. All these photos documented will last a lifetime because I can look back and remember the experience of finding Hello Kitty food.

These two wrappers will be my first to be placed in my future Scrapbooking plans. Yes, it's me being an obsessed fan girl here celebrating my love for the character in a big hoarding way. Shh! I don't think I'm the only one going overboard with our obsessions. 

It may tone down for me if I can find more quality Sanriofied art food on a regular basis than these days of scarcity.

The chocolate wrappings are too cute for words, but the sweets inside the packaging is just a normal piece of chocolate. On the first bite of the chocolate, you taste some bitterness to it and then, you get to the sweet filling inside. Chocolates are definitely addicting and better shared!

And, I saved the best for last! 

The Hello Kitty pudding was the best dessert out of the whole gift box. It was amazing and well documented for sure before I destroyed it. I was in awe with it's shape of the ears and bow. The character mold was nicely done. The whiskers, the eyes, the nose, the shape, the color -- all were closely examined with fascination!! 

Another amazing moment documented in my journey as a Sanrio Collector and it won't be the last. Happy Sanrio Hunting!

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