Saturday, April 20, 2019

Hello Kitty Easter Nails

At first, I wasn't going to blog about my new nails that I had gotten done for Easter, but eventually, I decided that I was too nitpicky about it.

Below are Easter theme colored nails of light blue, green, yellow, and pink. An added touch is white. All colors are glittered to make it shine a bit more. More plain and less expensive than my previous Hello Kitty nails.

Overall result, I'm a bit unhappy with it, but then again -- it's an experiment style that I am trying for Easter. For next year, I have already found my next Easter inspiration to do and I'm excited to once again try another style.

While my nail pattern is somewhat a ray of whimsy colors, it isn't too bad when light hits it and my fingers shine all over the place. I'm just not in love with the nail art of Hello Kitty. The nail technician didn't make the nose yellow enough because it looks like the character has no nose. Unfortunate, but an experiment fail. At the end, she didn't even ask me if everything was all right -- meaning if I was okay with my nail art. Always at the end of the session, all nail technicians have checked with me if there was any problem. At the end, I decided to choose a favorite technician and stick with that person when coming to get my nails done. 

I was aiming for a different nail style than just all glitter nails. It's similar to the glitter style, but more of a textured tone to it. Another thing is that the nail technician didn't want to mix colors to create a lighter Easter effect. The only option similar to the style that I wanted had to use glitter. 

I guess if you're designing nails for your career, wouldn't you expect that they can create really cute 3D nail art characters?

At least now that I can cross off Easter nails on my bucket list for Hello Kitty. Eventually, I'll make my way to other Sanrio characters for Easter. What do you think of this style? Do you like?

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