Monday, April 8, 2019

Hoarders In Collector Terminology

I wanted to add Hoarders to this terminology that I am creating for my blog. I want to put a new positive spin to this negative perceived word. It's time for new changes.

Part #3 of Collector Terminology
Known as treasurer as well. In a Collector definition version means 
  1. a person or subject that collects valuables, often times refusing to let anything go in sentimental value. In other words, someone who is a record keeper of items released by brands. 

The word hoarding is like shouting, "Fire!" in a crowd. It is in essence the spitting image of negativity. It is associated with out of control compulsive behavior. A disorder that people cannot part with their possessions, even trash.

While Collectors don't want to be labeled as Hoarders, some of the traits of the term are somewhat true. The exception here is that Collectors don't hoard trash and we're not dirty. We're very organized as pack rats. We know how to make use of the little space that we have in our homes. It's a skill, not a disorder for us.

As Collectors, we know how to let go at times. Maybe not often, but it does happen occasionally. There's our difference with the disorder.

When we hoard collectibles-- it is like we are keeping a record of history. A history of released collectibles of a certain brand or subject. We collect items to be treasured and displayed in pride and glory. We basically brag about our accomplishments of the collection that we gained over a period of time.

We are treasurers.

From the word origin of Old English hordere means "treasurer" from hoard. Basically, our valuables are treasures. It is not to be seen as trash as it's packed away in order. Organized and in a neat process. These collectibles can be re-sold and still not be labeled as trash.

Hopefully, one day, we can all perceive hoarders IN THE COLLECTOR Communities as a good thing. I'm a hoarder. What are you?

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