Friday, April 19, 2019

Kittifying Up My Car

When I plan to kittify my car with a specific Sanrio character, it usually will take me a few years as I have to find the right design that I am aiming to present to the world of my love for Sanrio.

I started with My Melody first...

At night - lit up

When I melodified my car, I didn't have everything that I bought years ago. The matching pink My Melody iphone holder was in my storage and nowhere to be found because I have collected so much that I have lost track of it. 

I bought a My Melody car gear shift cover, but it was too small to fit. I didn't realize at the time that Sanrio didn't make car decor for universal sizes of different car sizes. Lesson learned. Sanrio only makes decor for small cars like Toyotas or for Japanese brand cars. 

I learned the hard way below...

Car wheel cover was 36cm length

Sanrio really should have made car decor to fit different car brands. Not only specific to Japanese cars. Hopefully, Sanrio is paying attention because I would like to try one more time to melodify my car, especially once I find my iphone car stand holder. Also, I'll be looking out for any new My Melody seat covers, floor mats, license plate frame, etc too.

I would really like to starify my car with Little Twin Stars. Unfortunately, fans of LTS might never see this happen because Sanrio only focuses on their two cash cows, Hello Kitty and My Melody.

Like I said before, Sanrio only makes stuff that are deemed "safe" and really cheap quality on most items. It's their reputation of the last decade.

For years, I have been accumulating the car decor to kittify it to the best of my resources. Seriously, years. 

Head rest

Unfortunately, I do not have the pictures of the pink Hello Kitty car seat covers that is currently in storage. Nor, do I have picture of the pink Hello Kitty wheel cover, the smartphone charger, license plate frame, or the other Hello Kitty iphone holder. I have a feeling that the wheel cover and the seat covers won't fit a regular universal size car for modern times. I do not ever plan on getting a small sized Toyota. Ew!

The black and gold new car decor like the car head rest, windshield cover, and the new iphone holder stand are items recently acquired. They will match perfectly with my car floor mats. 

And lastly, I will be kittifying my car with car door lights! Isn't it amazing what you could do to customize your car? 

Have you kittified your car yet?

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