Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hear It Loud & Clear!

eCampaign: Bring Back Momoberry

If you think I was joking about sending LOVE LETTERS to Sanrio's Momoberry Headquarters, THEN THINK AGAIN!
I'm dead serious about this and have thought about campaigning about our love and devotion to Momoberry! It needs to be sent as proof to Sanrio that we, sanrio addicts, are very serious about Momoberry.

Spread the word!

Why you should spread the word:

  • Don't you want Momoberry back fulltime? If it opens in L.A., we fans will make sure to buy and buy so that one day Momoberry can expand and open their stores across the states. Wouldn't that be a dream? World domination, people!
  • Show your Momoberry appreciation! Sanrio needs proof that we love MOMOBERRY! The more love letters of appreciation, the more attention we'll draw from Sanrio!!!
  • Without consumer demand, the people behind creating Momoberry won't work hard enough to push out better quality designed Momoberry plushes!
Why would you not bother Sanrio?   <---  *whining plus combo sarcasm*

COPY & Paste me onto your Facebook, Twitter, EVERYWHERE!

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