Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sanrio Bad Habit

Bad Habit:

The bad part of my obsession in collecting sanrio is that I immediately store them away, bubble wrapping them, and never use them. Sometimes, I'm not sure if that's what I should be doing. I want to preserve the new condition by not using it, but then I think about how I am not enjoying using the cute item. I think that's why on certain things I try to get doubles. But I find myself not using the doubles because I figure that if something happens to my original copy, then I'm lucky to have a double. One time, I ended up with four pieces of the same item. My sanrio obsessed reasoning would be this: 1 original piece, 1 double copy in case something happens to original, 1 piece to use, and one piece to sell in 10 yrs. or so. I always thought I would make a bundle if I had an extra piece laying around in 20 yrs. Obsession like this can lead me down a bad path of being broke for the rest of my life AND labeled as a pack rat. LOL. Hopefully, I will be more smarter than that and resist temptation of buying more than two pieces. Being poor helps control my urge to get more than 2 pieces. 

One time, an online Sanrio buddy and I were chatting about fires being a danger to our collection. We both had big collections that we could not possible save in time if a fire occurred. We laughed ourselves silly with the images of each of us trying to carry our sanrio stuff from a burning building while our moms are yelling at us to leave our sanrio stuff and get our butts out! Definitely, fires and natural disasters are our worst nightmares. Not in a sense of danger and losing our lives, but the lack of common sense in a sanrio obsessed collector who only wants to save her collection. When I think about emergency situations, my mind goes, "What should I save first?" My answer? I'd go immediately for my mini sticker albums, my sticker albums, and my 2 small bins of pencils and erasers. I really should save the important things like photo albums, but you're dealing with a way obsessed sanrio collector. That's like another ball park of reasoning that no sane logical person would want to venture into.   ;0)

My ultimate favortite things to collect:
  • Pencils, Pens, Pop-up pencils, and Mechanical Pencils
  • Pencil Cases
  • Erasers
  • Mini sticker books and Stickers
  • the Stamp sets (the ones that look like mini suitcases)


^ The pictures above are examples of what we, sanrio collectors, adore and collect.

Update on Junolyn's Store:

Below is a 2009 Hello Kitty Bulletin Board. What is so cute about this item is that it's also magnetic. Another plus, it's pink, pink, PINK! My favorite ultimate color, pink. Not just any shade pink, but baby pink color. I have one of my own hanging on my wall, but I have an extra copy to sell. 

Next item up for sale is a brand new lovely Hello Kitty big black and silver Handbag. I bought this in a sanrio store because I loved the color scheme and the silver handles were exactly the right touch for the whole design look. It was an excellent gift to a young adult. The handbag didn't look like it was designed for a kid, but of an adult who loves Hello Kitty. 

If you would like more details regarding these two pieces, please visit my store's link above or the link in my Profile page on the right side.

Picture of the Month : DECEMBER

happy holidays, sanrio addicts!

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