Monday, December 7, 2009

Tis' the Season...

It's that time again for me that I need another round of bins, tape, and bubble wrap. I need to buy at least three big bins, two for my big plushes and the other for more of the sanrio things that I've collected in the past four months. Right now, they're in piles of opened boxes ready to be bubble wrapped and place into bins. I'm really supposed to be cutting back on my collection, but it really doesn't mean that I'm going to sell off all my collection, especially my most treasured items. My ultimate favorite things are off the market. What's on my store is what I am selling. What's on my photobucket is not for sale. I am not desperate for money. I am still a collector, but I do sell some sanrio stuff because it'd be great to make some money back from all that spending I have been doing. I did say that I created this blog for my store, but I also mentioned that I will be sharing my joy for what's in my collection.

It's time to get ready for Christmas again. Feels like we just celebrated Christmas already. I'm still amazed how it's another year so fast. Below is a picture of a great item that I bought in a sanrio store. I love how cute Keroppi looks in his red santa suit. Definitely a keeper for any Keroppi fan. It really is one of my favorite Keroppi items in my collection. It's why it's not for sale because I love it too much. Happy Holidays!

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