Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Junolyn's Store


My name is Lyn and I've been a serious sanrio collector for the past 5 years now. I've had collected some sanrio items on and off when I was growing up, but never thought it would lead to an all out obsession of mine. My brother thinks I'm the crazy one in the family for being absolutely crazy for my sanrio collection. None of my non-internet friends have ever been obsessed with collecting Sanrio and have recently just found a Hello Kitty community, where I can share my addiction with these collectors as well. One important thing about me that you will come to know is that I have 5 favorite sanrio characters that I adore: Hello Kitty, Pochacco & Keroppi, Little Twin Stars, and My Melody. And, this is by order of which is more important to me. Hello Kitty will always be my ultimate favorite #1 sanrio character. These characters are the only ones you will find in my collection. The other characters that have caught my eye have been Tuxedo Sam and Pippo, but that's only if I ever become rich and can afford to start my own Tuxedo Sam/Pippo collection. Collecting, especially with my love for 5 sanrio characters, is very EXPENSIVE. Adding two more characters is way out of my budget. I started with a small collection back in 2005, but now, it has grown to big proportions. I'm not kidding when I say I have tons of Hello Kitty items. Most of my items are in stacks of big bins!

There's already tons of blogs from Sanrio/Hello Kitty collectors, but the main reason for starting this blog is for my e-Crater store; to update my future potential buyers on what my store is selling and to share my joy of multiple sanrio purchases. Plus, I like to type out tips and recommendations when it comes to shopping and being a collector for those newbies, who wish to start their own sanrio collection.

My Store:

Junolyn's Store is run by a sanrio/hello kitty collector, who is a long time e-bay member with 100% POSITIVE feedbacks. I am no longer selling on e-bay due to the fact that I don't make any kind of profit, which e-bay takes nearly all of it, leaving the seller (me) with barely anything.

From my store, you will find that I sell mostly sanrio items and used romance novels. Some of the sanrio items that I sell are rare and hard to find these days. All my items come from a non-smoking & free environment.

I am also an active member of Hello Kitty Junkies, where I can give all my sanrio buyers the confidence that all business transactions are met with professional, friendly services, and guaranteed genuine Sanrio authentic items.

Another guarantee is that I ensure all SANRIO purchases are shipped appropriately with protection. Small items (WHETHER it's stickers, pencils, etc) are either bubble wrapped or wrapped with some sort of protection. If needed, small envelopes will have signs of "DO NOT BEND" on the front and back. Larger Items that are more fragile and due to any handling and  to KEEP it's value, it will be shipped in a sturdy box.

My Collection: 

Mainly, my collection consists of vintage items from the 80-90's, but I've also begun to collect newer items. For the past year, I've been collecting 2009-ish Little Twin Stars more than any of my other favorite characters.

I've always been trying to downgrade the size of my collection, but up till now, I have never succeeded in letting go of some of my stuff. Nowadays, I have found to be even pickier at what I would like to collect and have put a lot of things up for sale at my eCrater store. I still have a lot to go through, but my store will be updated with new items daily.

^ The picture above is an example of how much my sanrio collection has grown. This picture was taken earlier this year as I was getting ready to move into a bigger apartment unit. At the time, I thought it was a fabulous idea to go through my collection and bubble wrap each item carefully and store them in bins. What I did not realize is that it would take me a few weeks to go through my collection. It was simply overwhelming at times that I felt I would never finish "HK Bin Project." For the past four years, I had my collection in luggages and boxes. Now, I have a total of 6 BIG bins and about three medium sized bins. The medium size bins are the ones that only have my collection of plushes. As a collector, I did not realize how expensive it is to buy so many bins, bubble wrap, and tape for my collection. To preserve it's value and condition, a sanrio item had to be carefully bubble wrapped to make sure the edges were covered to prevent any creases or damage of any heavy handling. Since I no longer have a storage, I've learned to make everything fit. I am not sure why I didn't think of keeping my items in bins, but now with experience, I will never keep them in boxes or wrapped with newspaper. I learned the hard way that with newspaper, it can lead to ink stains over time. I wouldn't have known this little gem of information if I hadn't started my collection five years ago. 

The picture with my desk was recently taken a few days ago. I've always wanted to kittyfy up my bedroom area with sanrio things, but in the past have always been afraid of using my favorite items and having them age and getting dirt on them. I've compromised and found extra items that I have copies of or some items that I can tolerate being out in the open. I think joining a Hello Kitty community has made me realize that I will never get my own house where I can have one room to have a sanrio shrine full of all my collections displayed. Oh, well, one step at a time for me. I'm a progress-in-training to use more of my collection instead of keeping them stored away. For the next couple days, I will be blogging more about my items in my store and what I have collected so far. The last picture of my Angel Hello Kitty Tea set is one of my most treasured possessions. I'm not into kitchen supplies, but this angel HK design tea set is so cute and pretty that I could not pass up to add to my collection. When I took this tea set portrait, I had forgotten that there was one more piece missing: the cereal bowl. This is a perfect example why collectors need to keep picture records of all items in collection or else, one can forget what they own... especially if it's stored away in a storage for a few years. I'm really thankful that I have the complete Angel HK Tea set. Most of the set, I got off e-bay, but some items, especially the small cup plate holders were bought in a Sanrio store. What I am most happy about is that I have doubles of everything (except the cup plates - really hard to find on e-bay) in this tea set. So if one breaks, I'm covered.

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