Wednesday, December 9, 2009

International Seller Recommendation

I know how it's frustrating to find something online and not know how to get one yourself.

I've already got some inquiries about the lovely big plush, My Melody's *Pipi & Popo*

Here are the info:
I got the My Melody *Pipi & Popo* plush from e-bay. Specifically, I got it from this international Hong Kong e-bay seller, Lala6905. All you have to do is ask Lala6905 or you can ask one of your main Hong Kong/Japan international e-bay sellers to get it for you.
I can refer you to this one seller (who is very kind and helpful):
Her name is Yusuke
Her eBay ID is yusukeya.
She has a service of shopping agency.  This is her Web site:
You can send an e-mail directly if there is an image or URL of the item that you want.  

When there is stock in a manufacturer, she can get every kind of items you want.
For example, there are a lot of people who order an item off of Japan's official Sanrio shopping website:

Here's a direct link to the my melody *Pipi & Popo* Japan site:
You can give her that direct link.

Or you can try:
Japamart (Thanks to Arista from NY)

Just keep in mind, that these international sellers do charge a selling fee and the service doesn't come cheap. If you really want it, it's going to cost you. Tip: You can always ask for quotes from each and see which one you prefer.

To get items in Singapore, China, Malaysia or Taiwan, here is another shopping agent service that you can go to: Daigou.

Per SGE: "Active in Singapore and Malaysia, the service lets consumers buy from popular Chinese e-commerce portals like TaobaoM18, and DangDang. To supplement their main business, the site has their own e-commerce store and also daigou for Taiwanese goods. The business in its 2 years of existence has attained a modest following on Facebook with about 7,500 likes."

ISA Recommendation: Personal Shopper Japan. For more details, you can read it here.

Video of the Day:
This music below is addicting! I can't stop hitting the "replay" button.

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