Saturday, January 16, 2010

Examples of FAKE Sanrio Items

Ok, newbies, let me remind you again.

This sticker below really looks like it's made from Sanrio, but it isn't. I purchased it years ago from a sanrio collector and the backing comes from those printer blank white sticker paper that you buy at an office supply store. You can view it here. It's made by a fan and NOT worth your hard earned money.


Once you are familiar with sanrio products, it will be very easy to differentiate which is an authentic Sanrio product and which is fake. Below are examples of fake items. Really simple plain products with stickers pasted on items like these just give me mind boggling questions as to why anyone would waste their time selling fakes on e-bay? Surely, there is no stupid Sanrio Hello Kitty fan out there who'd buy these below.

Don't be fooled. Remember this e-bay seller

Another e-bay seller.

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