Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pets are Dangerous to Your Sanrio Collection

I do love Hello Kitty.

Really, I do. I love the cartoon version, just not the animal in real life. I like cats, but I don't L-O-V-E them as much as I love dogs - small dogs, to be more precise. I prefer dogs over cats any day. If you remember last year's post, my cat, Starlight is a cutie and I love her. The problem is that I like living with only ONE cat and my brother wants another siamese kitten. We'll see how long I last with two energetic cats in my small apartment(have I mentioned my home is small?) - woe is me. Wah!

Since I don't want another cat, I have tried blackmailing my brother to let me name the new kitten, Pochacco or even Keroppi. No deal there. He flatly refused and wouldn't budge. Can you believe him?   *pouting*

Why Pochacco or Keroppi? Because the kitten is going to be male. A blue point. I wish I can get a small dog and name it Pochacco, but I live in apartment... a house would be an ideal home for a dog,rather than an apartment. Plus, imagine my horror with two cats and one dog in my super tiny apartment! Yikes.

My brother is getting the new kitten in March... that leaves me less than two months to convince him to name the cat after a sanrio character. Wish me luck. I'm going need it. Especially since the nearest Siamese breeder is near San Francisco. It's too expensive to fly out a kitten. Instead, road trip, people! SF's Sanrio stores (both 2 locations), here I come! Yipee!

.::Your Pet Might Be Your Enemy::.

If you are a sanrio collector and if you have a young kitten or dog, you should know that any Sanrio stuff on the floor (or fell on the floor) should be picked up immediately and kept out of reach from your pet. This is a #1 rule if you still want your sanrio collection to be in mint condition! 

One time, I accidentally dropped my Keroppi pencil case box lock on the floor without realizing that it had fallen onto the floor and later found it at Starlight's feet. The darn cat had played with it, making it no longer mint brand new condition. Because of this, I like to keep my important stuff wrapped and tucked away in bins so my mischief Starlight can't mess with it. Another thing I noticed about having a cat is that once they find anything of paper or tissue, they'll tear it to pieces. 

I imagine this:
claws + sanrio = end up chasing after Starlight

I love the idea of one day putting my huge plush sitting at the corner of the room (just on the floor), but with a cat in the home, I fear the cat will end up using her claws at my plush. Same with puppies, except they'd use their teeth instead. If you love your sanrio collection, beware of your pets!

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  1. Haha! I used to have a kitten when I was younger and she *tore* up my Piglet (winnie the pooh) doll. She yanked and pulled at the neck until it almost broke off. She would bite her frustrations out on it. So no pets allowed here! -Arista