Monday, January 18, 2010

Sanrio Hello Kitty Toaster

You'll be surprised to learn that I might just be the only hello kitty collector out there who hasn't yet bought the HK Toaster.

I think the reason why I didn't buy a HK toaster is because I didn't really see the purpose of having one. When the product began appearing in sanrio stores, I was tempted to purchase one at first, but then I realized that I wouldn't really use it at all. One of the major factor was that I never use a toaster or toast a bread often. The only time I ever toast a slice of bread is if I'm making sloppy joe sandwiches, which I love with toasted bread. And the method I normally choose to toast my bread would be the oven.                                   Most likely best seller for Sanrio

Plus, another reason that I didn't buy this Hello Kitty toaster is because I have a thing about what goes in my kitchen. The toaster was a design that did not fit my image of what a kitchen should have.

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