Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Renter's Insurance

If you live in California, you already know about the wild weather condition we are currently having. If not, where I live we are currently on the tornado warning weather look-out. Wait- in California??? Yup, that was my reaction still at this very moment. But, I think with the global warming, I really shouldn't be surprised. You only see worst case scenarios in movies, but to actually happen in real life, makes things scarier.

I live in one of the big areas where there is danger of earthquakes. Tornadoes maybe someday. I just wish I didn't have to live with another danger (i.e. tornado) added to the list of natural disasters. I think the smartest move is to think ahead and get renters' insurance for my place... which, incidentally, I had to buy anyways since my apartment's mandatory new policy is to get renter's insurance.

Even though renter's insurance can cover nearly all the expenses of damaged or loss items, it still does not cover over the emotional loss of my sanrio collection - if it ever happens. *Knocking on wood*
With so much hard earned money that was put into my sanrio collection, there could not be enough money to cover the time spent on building and loving my collection. Most of my collection are vintage and cannot easily be replaced more than others. I wish I can create this bubble of protection over my personal sanrio collection and not worry that I might lose it someday to some horrific natural disaster or fire. What a nightmare for this sanrio addict, huh? 

My collection reminds of me of why I first got my first full time job... and the motivation behind it was to keep enabling my sanrio obsession. I've had temporary jobs that made me some nice chunk of money to add to my savings before I discovered my Hello Kitty obsession. It was during that time that I didn't know what to do with all the money that I have saved and at the same time, I remembered my burning hatred (ok, slightly exaggeration of the word hate) for my childhood friend, who stole my Hello Kitty sticker book album and several sanrio pieces of pens/pencils/ and erasers. 
SIDE STORY: Have you ever had that kind of friend who stole behind your back? I regret being so trustful of people like that. Since then, I've always wanted to get in contact with her and demand my HK sticker album back and any others she stole. I was a still a kid back then to not know what had happened until a few months down the road, but then it had been too late already. That so-called friend had the audacity to show off my stolen HK sticker album in school during recess in front of our friends. At the time, I had no clue that it was mine and had been hurt that she wouldn't let me see it. It should have been the biggest sign that the reason she showed it to everyone else but me was because she had something to hide. I'll never make that mistake ever again. When visitors come, I now pay attention and never leave my important sanrio stuff out in the open for it to be snatched up and put away in their purse or handbag when your back is turned or when you leave the room. Marjorie Yolanda Lopez of the Valley, if you're out there, be ashamed!

Ok, back on topic: I wanted to replace the Sanrio Hello Kitty stickers she stole, so I went on e-bay and started buying many stickers. And before long, my sanrio obsession took off and knew in order to earn money to buy all these sanrio won auctions, I had to get a job. And, I got my first serious full time job, which helped me feed my sanrio addiction. I hated waking up early in the morning, but feeding my sanrio addiction was more important and I literally was living off paycheck to paycheck. There are times I wished I had started my obsession ten years earlier, rather than a few years back. 

*Probably/ most likely an absurd request*- If someone knows Marjorie Yolanda Lopez who went to Van Nuys High in 1999, please send me her contact info: I'd really like my sticker album back*

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  1. That's so mean that girl stole your stuff. She probably doesn't even have it anymore. One of the baby sitter's kids stole one my robot toys I had lying on my dinner table when I was a child. And the bad thing is that it was on loan to me, so imagine my classmate's face when i told her it was stolen! -Arista