Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Even More Sanrio

Update on yesterday's post

The new 2010 Hello Kitty plushes come in different sizes: tiny size, small 6", and on Sanrio's USA website, there are 10" and 18".

^  I'm really tempted to buy the 18" version and use it like a pillow. I'd finally put a Hello Kitty plush into some good use. I'd probably buy the blue one rather than the all pink one.

Spent Way More on Sanrio
As you would probably guess, Saturday's shopping spree wasn't my only purchases. This week, I have won several sanrio auction lots off of e-bay. As you guess it, all except one item are vintage.

 *Bears* series!!! 

2001 Pochacco letterset. Not vintage... yet.

I only buy the full set of stationary, which includes sticker as well.

I love you, Pochacco!

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