Monday, February 1, 2010

Sanrio bin Upgrade

So this past weekend...

I realized that I need to do some extra shopping. Bins & bubble wrap, of course. What else would a sanrio addict like me do, but run out of space.

I use the red medium sized bin to store my lettersets and notebooks/pad, but in less than a year, it has filled up pretty quickly. When I upgraded my "notebook" carrying bin to the red medium bin, I didn't expect to need another bigger upgrade. 

In the carrying storage bin, I have one bin for erasers, two others for my pen/pencils collection, and one for my sealed stickers. In the end, I'll have to upgrade my small "pens/pencil" bin to the medium sized bin because I am running out of room as I keep adding pens/pencils to my collection. When I upgrade any of my collection to a bigger size bin, I'm always hesitant because I always think about what happens when an emergency happens and I have to pack and leave. With small bins like above pictured, I'd have no problem carrying down to my car... but with a bigger storage bin, I would need help. 
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