Thursday, February 18, 2010

Be Xtra Cautious with International Deals

One thing I get my info are through my experiences and through the grapevine. Just recently, I gained another bad experience when dealing with another Italian seller.

I know not all sanrio sellers from Italy have a bad reputation as a seller, but foolish me, I decided to trust another one and thankfully, I got my money back, but it took me two and a half months to figure out that this Italian sanrio seller wasn't going to mail the sanrio item that we had agreed upon. 

The deal was set through Flickr, which I have never done before. Note to self: Never try that again. If I ever think about making a deal thru flickr, please someone give me a swift kick!

Seriously, Hello Kitty makes me throw caution in the wind. I need to work on that flaw.

What I don't understand about these sellers who makes transaction deals and never complete their end of the deal. If the seller sold the item to someone else, then why can't they just send back a refund without a buyer having to open a paypal claim and to demand back the refund. All I know is that she wasn't going to give me back my money if I hadn't threaten putting her name out there to the HK community. What is wrong with these kind of people??? If you've been in my shoes, did you get back your money? Or did you give up and stopped e-mailing that person who cheated you? If yes, didn't that make you mad as hell? My crummy seller wanted a buyer who gave up so she could keep the money. There really should be a list somewhere that the Sanrio community can go to see which International sellers have a bad reputation in keeping their end of the transaction.

::SIGNS to Look Out for Deal Breakers::

  •  Seller doesn't e-mail right away... it takes weeks before you get a reply. Like a delay tactic. If you don't file a paypal claim within 45 days of the transaction, you lose your money
  •  Seller claims to mail it soon and will send another e-mail -  which seller will never do
  •  Lack of apology or any apolegetic attitude
  •  Messages are very very short. Like one small sentence. No explanation on the hold up - nothing.
  •  # 1 : Silence. No e-mails, no contact!

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