Tuesday, February 2, 2010

NEW Little Twin Stars 2010 February

I am not sure if the pink ribbon hair accessory on Lala's hair really works, but the new stuff still looks wonderful!

Check it out! I want to buy the chest drawer below:

 Reminds me of the vintage piece I have in my collection

^  I am definitely going to buy this one. I am a sucker for chest drawers like these because they remind of the vintage stuff that was made years ago. Awesome stuff. 

More stuff of this design that I am interested in buying...

LTS Spiral 2010 Notebook

Looks nice - 2010 multi color pen

I'm still not too keen on the Lala's hair accessory. It just doesn't look right in the design. Hopefully, when I buy the LTS pens, I won't be disappointed and they end up in my online store.

Here are more pictures of the items that you might like:
You can find more items here.

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