Thursday, February 25, 2010

Every minute, every second...

Pretty so far, my week has been very good. I didn't expect to spend a lot of cash in my local Sanrio store. Bet Sanrio had planned all this ahead of time: target sanrio addicts who love plushes! Especially bright fun loving colors like yellow to get in the mood for Easter. I bought my 12" yellow baby chick with clear plastic gift wrap and it's sitting on top of my desk hutch, waiting for me to unwrap it. I'm thinking of keeping it in it's cellophane and leaving it out for display. Really adorable.

Other than my excitement for my new plushes, I've been waiting for some sanrio purchases that I am expecting in the mail. When you buy from international sellers, waiting for mail can be a killer. Especially the cheap 3-4 week waiting time period.

Good thing, I got this below to temporarily appease me for a while before I go crazy with impatience for my next new purchase. I love vintage Hello Kitty...

What a lovely addition to my HK notebook/pad collection

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