Friday, February 26, 2010

Little Twin Stars *Town* Series

It's official! 

I'll be getting my own copy of the Little Twin Stars *Town* Series soon.  

Above pic courtesy of Dodo's House from e-bay

Once I saw the close up pictures of what the design looks like, I think I have fallen flat out loud in L-O-V-E! I changed my mind on the ribbon bow making the design look a bit off. Who cares about the bow I say now. The darn whole overall look is amazing. Not all Little Twin Stars design can make me jump with excitement and this makes me happy cause the products look really nice. With a capital N!

 Expensive, but totally worth it!

 ^  I got my copy coming through the mail. I can't wait to receive it. This really is a treasure. If you've seen the closer pictures of the details on this drawer box, you'll see how it stands up next to a vintage LTS one. And, the box that comes with it -- oh my gawd! It really is pretty. Not just an ordinary plain box with a sticker pasted on it, but of a designed box. This jewelry drawer chest is not the only thing amazing-looking, the pen set is truly one of a kind. Very pretty. I'll post pictures once I get them! I keep telling myself not to get too excited because I keep thinking of getting a double copy of the jewelry drawer chest above... such wicked temptation for this addict.

UPDATE 2/28/10
Currently, the Town Series is available on e-bay OR you can get it through a Japan shopping agency. Please see this post for more details on international shopping agents. For e-bay, please search under "Little Twin Stars." At the moment, there are only two international sellers selling the Town Series. Just use the "ask a seller a question" link and they will let you know if they have the jewelry chest box in stock.

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