Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fantastic Start of the Week

Well, my Monday started off normally and went super fantastic as the day was ending. Why is my week starting off nicely?

For one thing, I just got enough $ to buy my 18" Hello Kitty plush that has been on my wishlist for awhile now.

I really love the classic overalls outfit on HK; reminds me of the classic red HK version

^  It took three Sanrio store locations to find this blue version because the nearest store had only the pink version. Definitely a keeper. Saved me the $10 shipping fee if I had bought it from USA Sanrio's online store. Will post a picture of my 18" and 5" versions tomorrow or by Wednesday.

Another thing that made the day even more excellent was the fact that I received a vintage item in the mail, which I was surprised to get it so quickly - especially since I'm counting the days and seconds till when my Momoberry plushie arrives with it's cylinder Momoberry box. *Irksome* It still hasn't arrived yet!
But below is something I bought off e-bay after the Momoberry plush was shipped...

1988 LTS Vintage Pencil Case! mint for sure
^  I was expecting some major flaws with this pencil case, but I am really pleased to learn that this vintage piece is definitely a mint version FOR it's age! Very clean all around. I'll post pictures by this week or by Monday the latest.

And get this, I am planning to give myself something really Sanrio sweet.
*~* shh - it's a secret! *~*

It's a "oh my gawd, you're crazy, Sanrio Addict," for sure reaction! I'm working on the details, but I'll reveal them later (3 weeks maybe?)... hehe.

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