Friday, March 5, 2010

Sanrio Withdrawal Symptoms

This week I had to rein in control over my sanrio spending habits and it's literally making me go crazy...

Okay, I'm exaggerating, but you get my point. I'm feeling the S-A-N-R-I-O withdrawal effects.

Here are a few of my symptoms:

  • My fingers are getting antsy - to buy and buy! I'm wishing like hell that I own a credit card - it's why this sanrio addict doesn't have one because it'd be dangerous for me financially. Tip for Newbies: If you're just like me, then Cut and throw away your credit cards. Trust me. You'll thank me one day for this advice.
  • Resisting Temptation - Literally follow your monthly sanrio budgets! Once you stray from your monthly sanrio budget, it really is hard to discipline your inner sanrio obsession from getting out of control. Learn from this sanrio addict. Since I've strayed, any Sanrio item (whether it's new or vintage) that catches my eye, I've gone for it 100% - full force.
  • Feeling Very Restless - My sanrio obsession is like having a gambling addiction. You're constantly looking for the next sanrio purchase. I can't stay away from e-bay nor
  • Kitty on the Brain - I can't stop thinking about Sanrio and my brother is no help. He teases me about Hello Kitty when we go to Target because he knows I'm super picky with Sanrio. We once passed a Hello Kitty soap liquid dispenser and he pointed, "Hello Kitty" with a smirk on his face and he gets a pointed glare in return.

Here are two new purchases that I got from e-bay:
Again, pics from e-bay.

2000 Angel Hello Kitty

1985 Little Twin Stars Letterset

^  These two items should make me satisfied, but this sanrio addict wants more of my purchases to all show up at my doorstep now, instead of me waiting for the 4 week period to end. C'mon, magicians, invest in a time machine so I can fast forward to next week's Friday.

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