Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sanrio Plushes Galore

Here's a very adorable picture taken by Sanrio:

Capital A for Adorable 
^  If you haven't bought this Easter plush by now, surely the picture above has changed your mind. 

If any of you plush addicts are interested, USA Sanrio now has this available to purchase online...

$16 My Melody *Sleep* Plush

6 inch Hello Kitty *Sleep* Plush

10 inch Round Hello Kitty *Sleepy* Plush

10 inch My Melody *Pipi & Popo* Plush for $28

Sanrio's 2009 Greeting Cards  
are now available to purchase online @ USA Sanrio's website



^  I've only seen a few of them in my local Sanrio stores. I have the first two, but I also want the *bear* and *toys* as well.

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