Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Pens @ USA Sanrio's Online Website

Sanrio.com has added more new items to their website. I have selected these particular pens (below) for my review.

My Sanrio Rating: 
I like the top part but the design on the main body of the pen, not so much.

My Sanrio Rating: 
I like the body design more than the Hello Kitty version.

My Sanrio Rating:  1/2
 It's not a horrible design, but it comes pretty close. Maybe I just dislike the mushroom design or the color combination

My Sanrio Rating: 
I am not a fan of Charmmy, but I like the blue color on this pen.

My Sanrio Rating:  1/2
It nearly works here. I think they messed up by adding the plaid background with a heart shape design

These pens are not horrible in design, but they still do not measure up to vintage pieces. 
There is a new Hello Kitty spiral letter sets as shown below:

My Sanrio Rating: 
You can get it here for $7 USD


Holographic polka dot cover design and sticker sheet with Hello Kitty on a prancing carousel. 

 And there's a new 7 inch plush...

My Sanrio Rating: 
This Sunny plushie doesn't make my heart go "ba-bump." Is it the outfit? Maybe.

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