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Collector Spotlight: LTS

I would like to introduce the 4th Collector on this special feature... 
a Little Twin Stars Collector

Spotlight: LTS Collector
IG: little_twin_starz (Sanrio) and little.twin.starz (only LTS)
Country: Singapore

1.  Which character is your ultimate favorite?
Little Twin Stars

2.  List your TOP 5 Sanrio Characters in numerical order.
Little Twin Stars
Nemukko Nyago
Cheery Chums
Tuxedo Sam
Mashumaromitaina Fuwafuwanyanko

3.  Do you collect other Sanrio characters beside your ultimate Fave?
Yes, I do. The ones mentioned above and mostly, the rare or unknown ones are what I like

4.  How did you first start collecting? 

I was first introduced to Sanrio when I was about 8 or 9 years old, when my aunt bought me a few small stationery items... a Hello Kitty house shaped case with colorful erasers that look like crayons and 3 mini paper clips of Little Twin Stars, My Melody & Hello Kitty. These were my only Sanrio items that I had during my childhood and they were precious to me. I lost all these items when my family moved. And then I discovered eBay & Flickr-- thank god for that! I managed to replace what I lost. When I started working in my twenties, I bought random Sanrio items. I only started collecting seriously from around 2004 or 2005 onwards til present. Most of my purchases were sourced from my local Sanrio stores, eBay, personal shoppers from Japan, collectors, resellers, and occasionally from etsy.

5.  Have you ever stopped collecting for a short to long periods of time?


6.  What type of Collector are you?
Full time Collector but scaling down these days and becoming more selective

7.  Would you describe yourself as a Hoarder? If someone called you a hoarder, would you be okay with it or try to defend your collector status? If so, what would you say to them?

Generally, a hoarder would never admit that she is a hoarder. LOL. To some extent, I would describe myself as a hoarder as I do not eat the Sanrio confectionery that are packed in the Sanrio jars, containers, bags, etc. as I can't bear to eat any of them. They are kept intact 😂😆. If someone calls me a hoarder, I am okay with it. It's the truth and there's no denying it. 😄😁

8.  As a collector, do you depend on your social media to display your collection? Do you think that is key to maintaining your obsession?

As a Collector, I use my social media accounts firstly for photo storage, secondly for sharing photos of my collection with people who have the same interest as me and lastly, for sharing whatever knowledge that I have of the characters I collect. I don't display my collection online just to show off. It's more of an online photo album for me. Also, I do it so that I can share my love for Sanrio with fellow Collectors. Also, I share photos of new Sanrio merchandise that I find whenever I shop, via my IG story. That way my account is not cluttered with too many photos.

9.  Ever since you joined the Sanrio Community, has it changed your life? Has being a Collector been beneficial to you? Please give details.

It has somewhat changed my life a little. I have met wonderful Collectors, who are now my friends and we do chat & share/listen to each others' problems. I guess the beneficial part would be that these friends help each other out by helping to purchase Sanrio merch sold exclusively in their country. Some friends are really kind, helpful, and will go all out to help fellow Collectors while others can be negative and take advantage of you. I have blocked these so-called "friends" on my social media account as they took me for granted and kept using me, all in the name of "sharing our love for Sanrio." 😔😢

10.  Does any of your collection set you apart from other collectors? Or is yours the same like the rest?

I am just an ordinary Collector, just humbled by the experience of collecting and meeting other Sanrio fans. I have never compared myself with others, so I wouldn't know what sets me apart from others. Maybe my quirkiness? 😂😂😂

11.  What type of things do you collect? If everything, then answer: Everything. Or if it’s specific, here’s a list of examples: plushes, dolls, figurines, statues, coin banks, stationery supplies, pens and pencils, erasers, trinkets, pencil cases, cases, purses, clothes, etc

It used to be everything and if possible at least 1 piece of a specific item that is made in a Little Twin Stars merchandise. It doesn't have to be different designs of the same kind of item, preferably one that is not so common. E.g. a trash bin, a nail clipper, a guitar pick, a pocket watch (not a wrist watch), etc. These days, I am trying to narrow down to specific items such as trinket boxes & plushes (only if they look cute), and things that really appeal to me. The quality of Sanrio has sadly declined over the years and price has increased significantly. I see repeated type of items in similar style, so I do not collect such items.

12.  What is your ULTIMATE #1 type that you cannot pass up to get:

Trinket boxes for sure. They are practical and sturdy.

13.  As collectors, we all have favorite pieces. What is your ULTIMATE favorite piece in your collection? Does it have a story behind it? How did it come about?

I have more than 1 favorite piece. Don't mind if I share my story at all. The first 2 items are my Sanrio mini clips and Hello Kitty house shaped case erasers. They were given to me by my aunt and they were the first Sanrio items that I ever owned. Sadly, I lost them when my family moved. The last item is my childhood collection of Sanrio candy toys made by Morinaga, a Japanese confectionery company that still exists today. I used to save my miserable pocket money for many weeks just to buy one box. They came with miniature Sanrio toys and the box doubled up as a diorama. I managed to save a few of these toys and the diorama. They are very precious to me. 

14.  Do you have any regrets in spending so much on Sanrio? If you weren’t a Collector, do you think you would be obsessing over something else? If so, what?

No regrets at all. If I weren't a Collector, I think I might either volunteer as a cat feeder (feed the stray cats around my neighborhood) or do volunteer work

15.  How many years have you been a collector?
13 or 14 years. 

16.  Can you give any advice to new collectors starting out?

Based on my personal experiences:
1. If you collect LTS plushes, don't purchase just Kiki or Lala if you see anyone selling just one of them. Chances are that you will have a hard time searching for the missing pair. I still have plushes that are missing their sibling. 😔
2. Do not pay more than you should for any Sanrio merchandise, just because you want it so badly. Good things come to those who wait. Sometimes, you might get more than you bargained for!
3. Don't let your passion turn into an obsession and in the process, compromise your integrity. I have seen Collectors who will do whatever it takes to get the things they want and in doing so, hurt the very people who helped them
4. Be careful when buying Sanrio online. They can look like the real deal, with tush tags and paper tags that has the Sanrio logo on them.
5. Don't do Sanrio swaps with people unless you trust them.

17.  How would you describe yourself as a Collector?

I'm just an average Collector, who is a little quirky at times. I have a weird sense of humor. 😂😂😂

18.  Can you share any experiences that someone insulted or insinuated something negative over your obsession personally to you? 

Not that I can think of at the moment. I probably told that person off or just brushed it off. No point wasting my time defending myself when people have such mindset of others 😂. It's my life and I just want to live while I'm alive (quoted from Bon Jovi).

19.  Objectively, can you see yourself still collecting Sanrio when you’re elderly? Full time or casually? 

Probably not. My kids are not into Sanrio. I'm still thinking if I should give up this year. I kept telling myself that if I find those items that have been on my wishlist for a long time, I will quit & that was about 2 or 3 years ago. Imao. 😂😆 

20.  Do you have a storage area for your extra Sanrio merchandise? Is it for a future home or just a storage area?

I used to rent a storage space but shifted everything back to the store room in my home. Not worth paying a few hundred dollars every month just for storage. I'd rather use the money to buy Sanrio stuff.

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