Sunday, March 10, 2019

Targeting Foreign Markets

Other than the news of Sanrio giving New Line Cinema (via Warner Bros) movie rights, Sanrio has been seen making some steps into targeting female adults in America and certain places with stores like Tezenis (Italy/London) and Calzedonia (Italy). They are working hard to appeal to older audiences as seen below...

How do you solve the majority views of adults that see Hello Kitty only for children? Easy. By creating designs that appeal to adults. It's a matter of playing with color schemes that can make fashion cool. Who says that we can't make Hello Kitty cool for adults?

Sanrio has started with undergarments and sleepwear for Italy and London. One thing that drew my attention and interest was the adult model wearing a bra and matching undies. I wanted it badly, but it's not easy to find foreign personal shopping agents in places like London and Italy.

The design on the adult underwear is pretty simple, but that's all it takes to have a black overall color scheme with Hello Kitty prints. Nothing too flashy in colors appeals to a lot of women, including my aesthetics in fashion. It's just perfect. 

Now, Sanrio, sell that bra and matching undies here in America. We'd be grateful forever.  

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Sanrio can also be seen targeting the more hipster crowd and the men who like Hello Kitty. The men's shirt is what I could see appealing to guys. If you read my past article of how Sanrio Japan tried targeting men with a bow series collection, you'll understand the point that I'm trying to get across. That collection was just awful in design because it didn't appeal aesthetically with fashion minded people like myself. And an important factor, a bow is not going to be associated with Hello Kitty. It would be like Sanrio shooting it's foot off from succeeding in making Hello Kitty appealing to majority of adults if they use only a bow image. This time they are facing the problem head on and starting to design clothes for men with Hello Kitty... the character. That's their final answer to me, right? (referencing other article) 

ModCloth 2018

The ModCloth collection that came out in 2018 was something that we, gals, rejoiced.  It was the first time that we had more adult Hello Kitty fashion to add to our closets. It's what we have always wanted. We finally got our wish. Thank you, Sanrio!

For the first time ever, Sanrio gave us a more of an evening Cocktail dress... just for female adults. It was a blessing for Hello Kitty fans because we didn't actually think it will ever happen. 

The only other time that we had hope was back in 2011 and 2012 when Forever 21 and Sanrio had a collaboration together. It was a fashion collection targeting young adults, but older female adults were in love with it, too. It appealed to a lot of women. Take a look below. 

This outfit was Chococat!

The collection that came out was so impressive that it was sold quickly, much to my dismay because I found out about the collection too late. For some reason, I wasn't on top of my Sanrio news on that particular year. I kicked myself for so long because I missed out on some excellent Hello Kitty fashion. 

Sanrio, we need more like Forever 21 collection in 2011. It was pure class. Wouldn't you agree?

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