Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Tribute to Pochacco

Have you noticed that this year marks the return of classics like Pochacco? If you have stepped into a Sanrio boutique recently, you'll notice that there are shelves of different Sanrio characters. It's an improvement since back then in 2012.

Pochacco Wall

I have missed Pochacco. It's been so long, fella, since we've last seen you. It felt like you were gone for a decade. Seeing Pochacco return in a big way with a first ever Birthday and Anniversary plush makes me feel happy and relieved. Relieved that one of my all time favorite Sanrio characters won't stay in "retirement" camp. More like jailed at Sanrio Headquarters-- if you know what I mean? ;p

Poor Momoberry.

Good to see you, Pochacco, and may you continue to rise in the ranks.

I'll leave you with some of really cute Pochacco plushes from Japan...


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