Sunday, March 17, 2019

Collector Spotlight: Victor Paredes

I would like to introduce the 5th Collector on this special feature... 
a Hello Kitty Collector

Spotlight: Victor Paredes  
IG: the.pinkvictor
Country: USA

1.  Which character is your ultimate favorite?
I love Hello Kitty. She is my all time fave, but I do have a soft spot for the Little Twin Stars

2.  List your TOP 5 Sanrio Characters in numerical order.
Hello Kitty
Little Twin Stars

3.  Do you collect other Sanrio characters beside your ultimate Fave?
I do have a few trinkets of the other characters, but all my bigger items are Hello Kitty

4.  How did you first start collecting? 

I first started collecting the charms and headphone jack plugs about 10 years ago. I loved having charms dangling from my phone. I wish phones still included charm hooks. Then, I started seeing all the cool collaborations with Hello Kitty. I fell in love with the Street Fighter collab. I saw t-shirts with The Simpsons and HK. I love the cool collabs with Hello Kitty. I have a good amount of Hello Kitty and Tokidoki, which is my all time fave collaboration. My collection has grown quite quickly that I now purchase a lot more clothing like shirts, hoodies, shoes, and backpacks. I have over a hundred plushies, so I've slowed down my plushie purchases. Now, I started collecting Hello Kitty themes on my Samsung galaxy phones. Samsung has their own theme store on their phones with tons of HK themes. My navigation buttons, keyboard, dial pad and notifications are all HK themed.

5.  Have you ever stopped collecting for a short to long periods of time?

I have never really stopped, just slowed down or focused on things that I will actually use. Now that the Sanrio stores have collectible pins free with purchase-- I'm shopping at least once a month. I'll buy pens for work or note pads, umbrellas, and small items that I can store away. 

6.  What type of Collector are you?
I've shifted from Collector to Full time Collector to Addict and back to Collector. I'm trying to be more rational with my spending. If it won't be used, I hold off from buying it unless I really really want it. I have gotten better with disciplining myself. Hello Kitty just makes me happy lol

7.  Would you describe yourself as a Hoarder? If someone called you a hoarder, would you be okay with it or try to defend your collector status? If so, what would you say to them?

I am a hoarder. LOL. I store my old boxes of electronics and shoes. I don't mind being called a hoarder. I'm honest with myself and I'm working on cleaning out my collection.

8.  As a collector, do you depend on your social media to display your collection? Do you think that is key to maintaining your obsession?

My Instagram account is dedicated mostly to my collections -- 99% of the photos are my collection.

9.  Ever since you joined the Sanrio Community, has it changed your life? Has being a Collector been beneficial to you? Please give details.

I feel happy when I wear my Hello Kitty swag. I would say that is my only benefit. It is an extremely expensive habit, so I have learned to cut back on random purchases of Sanrio merchandise. 

10.  Does any of your collection set you apart from other collectors? Or is yours the same like the rest?

I would say I'm very similar to most big Collectors. I may have a few unique pieces, but with the Amazon, eBay, and other online sites, it's pretty much an even playing field. Though living in Southern California, I do have the advantage of having several Sanrio stores near me.

11.  What type of things do you collect? If everything, then answer: Everything. Or if it’s specific, here’s a list of examples: plushes, dolls, figurines, statues, coin banks, stationery supplies, pens and pencils, erasers, trinkets, pencil cases, cases, purses, clothes, etc

pencil cases, cases, purses, clothes, etc
I collect lots of small trinkets and figurines, pencils, pens, note pads, plushies. Though, I don't purchase as many as I used to. T-shirts, hoodies, sneakers, some purses, lots of backpacks, and umbrellas. I want to start collecting jewelry and watches.

12.  What is your ULTIMATE #1 type that you cannot pass up to get:

I love clothing-- that is my new passion. If I find an awesome t-shirt or hoodie, I buy it on the spot.

13.  As collectors, we all have favorite pieces. What is your ULTIMATE favorite piece in your collection? Does it have a story behind it? How did it come about?

My favorite piece is my Hello Kitty Ninja Turtle collab. I have all four Ninja turtles in the shape of Hello Kitty. There are 4 inch vinyls that I purchased on eBay. Also, I love my 12 inch Chucky horror movie. There is no special story. I just stumbled on them while searching eBay. 

14.  Do you have any regrets in spending so much on Sanrio? If you weren’t a Collector, do you think you would be obsessing over something else? If so, what?

I have an addictive personality-- so, yes. If I did not obsess over Hello Kitty, I would still be purchasing Action figures and comic books. I still purchase a lot of comic book merchandise, but not as much as I used to. I love collecting Nintendo video games.

I've focused on my career as a Samsung Fields Manager to make sure that I can afford my habits lol

15.  How many years have you been a collector?
I have been collecting for about 10 years. 

16.  Can you give any advice to new collectors starting out?

My advice would be to follow other Collectors on Instagram as well as Sanrio stores. Sanrio Arcadia ships anywhere in the USA. They carry a lot of Tokidoki collaborations. Make sure to get pieces that you truly love and learn to let go of items that you feel that don't have any type of value.

17.  How would you describe yourself as a Collector?

I'm a Hello Kitty Hoarder and Enthusiast. Everyone who knows me always remembers me for my Hello Kitty obsession. My bosses have even given me items as well as my co-workers and close friends. I don't let significant others gift me items because I would get rid of it if we broke up.

18.  Can you share any experiences that someone insulted or insinuated something negative over your obsession personally to you? 

I was working as a Samsung rep inside Best Buy when I had 2 customers insult me. My job was to focus on pushing Samsung products, but I loved the Best Buy team so I would lend a hand with all customers. I noticed there was a Mother and son who needed help with printers. I walked over and they asked the difference between two models. I brought out my phone, which my screen and icons have always been HK themed. I could hear them laughing and mocking me for having it and being gay. I turned around and just told them that they now had to wait for a Best Buy rep to free up and help them because I was no longer gonna go out of my way to assist them. Also, I went on the walkie and let all the reps know about the situation. No one helped them. They ended up walking out. Most people love that I am a HK Collector. Usually, I make new friends that way.

19.  Objectively, can you see yourself still collecting Sanrio when you’re elderly? Full time or casually? 

I hope to move up in my career, so that I can have everything I own HK themed. LOL. I will always be an HK Collector. She brings a smile to my heart. 

20.  Do you have a storage area for your extra Sanrio merchandise? Is it for a future home or just a storage area?

I have no time to organize my collection. It is a mess. Most of it are in bins. I do hope to display it in it's own room in the near future. That is why I submitted an old picture of a portion of my collection.

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