Sunday, March 3, 2019

Sanrio Hollywood: Take Two

When I first heard of the newly opened boutique in Hollywood, I saw pictures on a Hello Kitty Collector's Instagram account.

Like at the original Hollywood location (1st floor) where I fell in love with my first Hello Kitty red suitcase years ago and now, I fell in love again but with a Hello Kitty jacket. 

At the time, I thought it was a black jacket with a Hello Kitty face outlined in red and white with the © '76, '18 Sanrio at the back. It was a trendy jacket that I wanted on sight and that I must have soon!

Little did I know that upon my first visit, I would learn that the jacket was in fact a black unisex collared shirt. Due to a miscommunication with one of the staff (I'm being polite; negative story for a later time), I had not bought the shirt as I intended to do so at the time. Instead, I bought a Hello Kitty book and a vintage ceramic coin bank. 

Even though I didn't get the shirt that I wanted, I left the store happy with my newly found treasures. 

Fast Forward a few weeks...

I am back and ready with a full wallet! 
Sanrio, please take all my money

Literally, I obsessed over that collared shirt for less than two weeks. I counted down the days. I counted the hours. I counted the minutes. The seconds! Seriously obsessed over a piece of clothing that had a mere Hello Kitty image at the back. I know, right? I'm crazy. It was not just the outlined image, it had SANRIO written on it with the © '76, '18!!

It's a Collector's shirt! My shirt now... (hehe 😈)

This is me happily trying on the collared shirt at Hello Kitty Hollywood boutique. Unfortunately, they took away the Hello Kitty (tent) dressing room. I asked, so there is no dressing room! The good thing for me was that they had a full body mirror so that I can check out out my badass self. Wink, wink. 😉

At that exact moment, I had my first ever LIVE IG & Facebook experience. It was so exciting. It was fantastic. I had a great time documenting my new Hello Kitty shirt. It's an experience that I will never forget -- for as long as I live. 

Too dramatic, huh? Ok, I hear you. Cutting down the drama effect. NOT!!!

Kidding aside, it was truly a blast, which I'm grateful and appreciative towards  a specific staff (whom I shall not name out of respect). It marks the first time that I have purchased a quality type of Hello Kitty shirt. I think another time was a Hello Kitty Con 2014 jean jacket. 

Good times for this Sanrio Addict. 

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